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Primatech 245FL Pneumatic Nailer

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Primatech 245 PRO pneumatic flooring tool is designed for the flooring professionals. It is equipped with a powerful click valve mechanism, for a closer reach to end walls. The fixed base nailer installs most types of Solid or Engineered hardwood floors: Domestic and Exotic species. Its compact all-around striking surface enables the closest reach to the end walls of the flooring site. It is powerful yet smooth to handle and it is misfire free. Its wood friendly composite base reduces the risk of scratching factory-finished flooring. 3/4’’ (19mm) with factory installed standard base1/2’’ to 33/32’’ (13 to 26mm) with the optional P 188 adapter accessory Design does matter The PRO flooring tools are designed to maximize the user’s comfort. They are well balanced for easy handling. They are light and compact to reduce strain on wrist and back. They allow flexibility and a natural standing posture. They require minimal effort and allow for better concentration. Main features of the 245F Version Primatech 245 pneumatic fixed base nailer installs all types of 1/2’’ to 33/32’’ (13 to 26mm) hardwood flooring. Factory assembled with the standard base for ¾’’ (19mm) boards with a 110 nail capacity, it can install ½’’ to 33/32’’ (13 to 26mm) hardwood flooring with P188 optional base.

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